Balacing Business & Happiness

Being A Businesswoman

As a woman in what is still largely a man’s field, I find that my life is similar to my male counterparts and yet different. I love being able to work as a pioneer in this field. The field of tech is sadly too often one in which many woman hesitate to enter even today. I hope to see this change as soon as possible. It is what I tell my nieces. You should not be afraid to be here because you can do as well as I have done in my life. The tech field can be intimidating but it is one that welcomes people of all backgrounds.

Devoted To What You Do

Being a woman to me in this field means that I know that I must be devoted to the field. I need to make it clear to all those I work with even today that I am devoted to this field and devoted to the very idea that success is truly possible at all times. I also know that I am seen as a role model. It is why I strive to make sure that I am always living up the highest possible standards at all times whenever I choose to work here.

My Own Happiness

Women like myself who are involved in the tech world are those who can find happiness in all that we do here. Happiness is there for us as long as we can reach out for it. You must be willing to create your own happiness and not rely on others to create it for you in this field. This is where I think that women like me can make a difference. We know much of the world outside the tech field. We bring multiple perspectives here, perspectives that can help offer a worldview to other people in this field as well.