A bit of background

My Background

My name is Adina Mandlová. I am originally from the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic was formed after the breakup of a larger nation, Czechoslovakia. Some of my relatives grew up in parts of the region that are now the nation of Slovakia. My own family is from the area surrounding Prague. We have lived here for centuries. When the nation broke up, my parents opted to stay here. I am proud of my home town. It was a lovely place to grow up. However, as I completed my education, I realized that I wanted something more from life. Prague is beautiful but it is a relatively small place.

Moving to London

This is why I decided to move to London. London is the capital of Europe. My mom is an English teacher so I was fluent in English from an early age. After moving to London, I got my graduate degree in technology. I love this field. London is one of the tech capitals of universe. I love playing games of all kinds. This led me to develop my own casino. After years of tinkering, I decided it was time to put that knowledge to use. My online casino was an immediate success. I was able to attract millions of visitors in a single month.

Getting Noticed

This got me noticed by one of the largest competitors in the business, BGO Casino the popular casino free spins company. They are one of the world’s most respected casinos. They quickly realized that I knew what I was doing and I could be of use to them. After about half a year in business, I was doing very well fiscally This is when I got the offer that would change my life. BGO Casino offered to buy out my casino. Once I accepted the offer, I was immediately set for life fiscally, allowing me to do whatever I wanted.